Under the leadership of Ms. Lien Luong, CEO and Founder, Tonkin has been producing chemical-free high-quality products focusing on sustainable production and resource efficiency management. Over the past years, Tonkin has been implementing programs to meet the strict International Food Safety Standards. As a result of this effort, Tonkin is successfully exporting to Asia, Europe and the U.S.


One of Tonkin’s major productions is high quality potatoes.  Tonkin’s annual volume per harvest is 600 tons per 50 hectares of plantation, dispersed throughout Yen Bai, Thai Binh, Yen Phu, Vinh Phuc, and one large-scale plantation in Me Linh, Hanoi. Tonkin has successfully met global standards and acquired important business partners such as Pepsico, Orion and Koikeya.


Tonkin’s immediate plan (from 2016 to 2020) aims to develop a strong supply chain to enter international markets such as Europe and the United States. Tonkin has successfully produced about 1,000 hectares in Dak Nong province.  The first phase will be implemented with the area of ​​1,000 hectares, and the second phase from 2019 to 2022, will expand the area to 5,000 hectares.


Currently, Tonkin is working with farmers from areas around Da Lat in the Lam Dong province, which has ideal conditions for Arabica coffee growing. Farmers are planting traditional Arabica varieties, such as Typica and Bourbon, at around 1,400 meters (4,600 feet) of elevation. Tonkin’s program ensures the production of high quality Arabica coffee beans.

Tonkin’s select coffee crops are grown in rich volcanic soil. The cherries ripen slowly in crisp, cool air, before being handpicked and sun-dried. The select crops are shade-grown and cultivated with environmentally responsible methods. All these conditions make our Arabica coffee beans exceptionally aromatic and rich in flavor.

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Within the last few years, Tonkin has successfully researched and conducted our own processing approach to create organic manure compost for our in-house agro-projects. The manufacturing warehouse is located in the Tay Ninh province, in the south of Vietnam, with a daily output of roughly 50 tons and an estimated annual volume of up to 20,000 tons.


Tonkin is developing a special program for the youth generation of Hanoi and nearby cities. This project aims to provide an exciting and practical E-Farm, catered towards children from the age of 4 to 14 to help foster their love for mother earth, animals, plants and to teach them about protecting our nature and environment. The farm will be divided into different segments with each area carrying out a specific and interactive theme.


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