Since 2002, Tonkin-Group has been working to produce high standard agricultural products.  Tonkin has developed strong partnerships with farmers and important international businesses.

Tonkin has successfully implemented a supply chain for products, such as potatoes, pepper, coffee, and organic compost. Tonkin products are currently exported to Europe and the United States.



Arabica Coffee

Organic Compost

Story About Us


Leading Agro Company in Vietnam

In the early 2000s, as the founder of the company, Ms. Lien Luong, experienced devastating health effects due to consumption of unsafe food. Then, she decided to establish an agribusiness company that is socially and environmentally responsible and produces high quality and chemical free products..

Tonkin Invest now retains a strong reputation for safe foods, quality products, and great service, thanks to implementing programs to meet the strict International Standards Food safety. As results of these efforts, Tonkin is successfully exporting to Asia, Europe and the U.S.

Tonkin Group History Timeline



It was founded as an LLC. It main focus was to develop a supply chain of some of the major agricultural products. Also,Tonkin acquired cutting edge knowledge investing in several high-tech agricultural companies



With a new inflow of capitals Tonkin was restructured into a joint stock company. The main focus was to build the most professional and effective team.


Growth and development

Successfully implemented a state-of-the-art management system delivered by American experts. Secured contracts supplying agricultural products to overseas market in Europe, USA, Australia and East Asia.



Introducing Tonkin Coffee, premium Arabica coffee cultivated in Da Lat that will be ready for U.S Specialty Coffee Markets in 2018.
Expands with two brand new offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Dak Nong Province

Meet the team

Ms. Lien Luong

Founder & Leader of Tonkin group, Ms. Lien established this fast growing company in 2002 with the goal to bring value added to every stage of agriculture production, create a value chain that works for Vietnamese farmers, that helps them get better income and improve their products quality.

She’s a big advocate for giving back to community and extremely passionate about doing business in ways that still preserve the nature in the best way possible. Ms. Lien is constantly on the go and her motivation for excellence is an inspiration to the team that is empowering others to reach their full potential.

Enrique Asturizaga

Vice President

Robert Hughes

Corporate Development Director

Ms. Quynh Ly

Tonkin Spice’s Director

Ms. Mai Ngo

Marketing Director

Mr. Thanh Trinh

Project Director

Mr. Nhat Le

Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Thuy Bui

Chief Accounting Officer

Mr. Anh Pham

Project Director

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Veteran’s Social Program

Veteran’s Social Program

New Offices

New Offices


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